Who We are

GB Tech Corp is a technology company that works on Information and Operations technologies. We have a team of experts working in different domains like web development, mobile app development, big data, data science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We serve from top corporate clients to small scale industries and end-users, but our support and service remain the same for all. We believe that our happy team brings smile and joy to our clients through our services.

Our Best Team

Meet the team

Managing Partner

With over 7+ years of experience in IT products and services. Gopinath plays a major role in the company's IT development.

Bala Vignesh
Business Development Manager

Bala Vignesh has 7+ years in business development and marketing. He plays a major role in the company's business development.

Customer Acquisition Manager

As a Customer Acquisition Manager, Varalakshmi has worked in managing clients in a different sector. She has a total experience of 3+ years in this field.

Kingsly Rajkumar

Kingsly Rajkumar has worked closely with many companies and has 5+ years of experience in Human Resource Management and company development.

What Special About Us

We are unique in the market

Different Domains

Web development to big data projects


Multi-domain experienced experts

Client Needs

Meets the exact client needs

Best Support

On time support for all our clients

New Technology

Always exploring the new technologies

Team Spirit

Powerful team to build any complex projects


Company History

We have a long history

  1. We Started our Business

    Our Business Journey Started in 2014.

  2. Trading Products

    We started trading electronic products.

  3. PLC Design Work

    We started designing PLC work sheet and Layouts.

  4. Weigh Billing Software

    We outsourced weigh billing software for our customers.

  5. Trading New Products

    We started trading new products based on the market needs.

  6. Started providing IT Services

    We started providing basic IT services for our clients.

  7. GB Tech Corp Registered

    We registered GB Tech Corp officially as partnership firm.

  8. Our IT Services Strengthened

    We started providing all type of IT services to our clients.

  9. SkyNav GPS Launched

    We launched our first product SkyNav GPS Tracker.